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Ekonomie / Economics

An increase in public expenditures would not put an end to the financial crisis8
Benefits of tourism outweigh the disadvantages2
Bio-fuels do bring more harm than good2
BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are a menace to Europe1
Czech Republic should adopt measures to close the income gap between men and women (P)6
Developed countries should ban the import of goods produced by workers whose rights are being violated.4
Developing countries need free trade rather than development aid30
Efforts to adress global warming do more harm than good23
Europe should abandon the concept of a welfare state33
Helping Greece is a road to perdition7
Childless people should pay higher contribution to the pension system2
International community should interfere in the internal development of developing countries16
International economic sanctions bring more harm than good18
It is in our interest that poor countries get richer2
Junk food tax should be introduced.1
Malls' opening hours should be reduced1
Minimum wage should be abolished12
Obama's plan to solve the financial crisis a road to perdition2
Parents should pay lower social insurance based on the number of children3
Remuneration of top managers should be changed1
Sharing economy should be banned4
Shops should be closed on sundays and public holidays4
Schengen area has brought more harm than good15
State should cover all reasonable expenses on raising a child.7
TH condemns payment of bonuses to executives to supplement their sallaries2
TH supports introduction of the minimal wage.1
TH would cap sallaries of the CEOs1
That 3rd world's debt should be cancelled2
That sending humanitarian aid to the USA is justifiable1
That small shops are better than hypermarkets3
That we should limit economic development for the protection of environment1
THBT employers should have a right to monitor all activities of their employees without their consent1
THBT maternity leave should fully compensate sallary2
THBT micro-finance organizations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively3
THBT state should subsidise sport1
THBT the EU member states should have the responsibility to bail out failing EU economies1
THBT the income tax should be progressive1
THBT workfare makes more harm than good4
The countries should ban the import of goods produced by child labour2
The Czech Republic should adopt the euro as soon as possible5
The Czech Republic should combat the indebtedness of its citizens (P)14
The Czech Republic should impose a fat tax1
The EU should abolish the Common Agricultural Policy4
The EU should have the right to veto the budget deficits of its members2
The EU should impose sanctions on those of its member states which restrict liberal democracy1
The EU should prioritise measures to decrease income inequality over ones incentivising economic growth17
The International Monetary Fund brings more harm than good31
The liberalization of agri-food trade is a solution to food crisis14
The minimum wage should be abolished1
The right to free health care should be limited44
The state should introduce only one indirect tax rate for all goods and services.4
The state should never support failing businesses5
This house believes that public sector employees should not have the right to strike2
This house supports sovereign debt default as a legitimate economic strategy for countries1
THW bail out failing banks1
THW introduce Housing first policy to vanish homelessness4
THW prohibit the sale of goods produced under conditions which harm the workers or put them at avoidable risk4
Trading with countries violating human rights is immoral1
Unemployed people should be made to work for their welfare money6
We should support replacing human labour with artificial intelligence2