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1984: By giving up privacy on the internet we are heading towards Big Brother11
8- and 6-years secondary schools should be abolished2
A 100 % inheritance tax should be introduced18
A world in which people don’t believe in hell would be preferable22
Abortion is unjustifiable3
Abortion should be banned10
Abortions should require fathers consent2
Advances in science present a threat34
Advertisement targeting children should be banned.2
Advertising for tobacco products should be banned5
Air travel should be banned9
Aliens exist1
All advertisement should be banned1
All drugs should be legalized7
All foreign Forces should be withdrawn from Afghanistan7
All states should immediately ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families1
American culture is an oxymoron3
An increase in public expenditures would not put an end to the financial crisis8
Animal Farm: Benjamin should have fought the pigs actively.10
Animals should not be used for sports or entertainment0
As a last resort, unilateral military force is justified to minimize nuclear weapons proliferation.1
Assassination of the Reichsprotector Reynhard Heydrich was justifiable1
Assisted suicide should be legalized7
Attending kindergarden should be compulsory for children in the year before entering elemetary school1
Bearing firearms by citizens should be forbidden. 5
Beauty contests are harmful11
Beauty contests in the CR should be discontinued0
Being young is fun8
Benefits of tourism outweigh the disadvantages2
Bio-fuels do bring more harm than good2
Boarding schools are benefitial for children3
Both parents should stand a comparable amount of time on parental leave0
BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are a menace to Europe1
Brick and mortar librariers have lost their significance1
Caffeine drinks should not be sold to youngsters under the age of fifteen1
Cats are better than dogs1
Celebrities are wrong role models for the youth1
Censorship is desirable3
Commercial surrogacy should be legalized3
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia should be banned2
Compulsory education should be undergone only at unified non-selective elementary schools26
Conscription should be re-introduced9
Corporal punishment should be estabilished2
Corporal punishments should be reintrodued in schools1
Countries should suspend all elections in times of severe health crises1
Courts should be able to order corporal punishment for commiting a crime2
CR should better protect victims of domestic violence (P)17
CR should introdouce monarchy2
Cryptocurrencies should be prohibited30
Cutting of internet connection should be introduced as an alternative punishment3
Czech armed forces should continue actively participating in foreign military operations2
Czech police and prosecution should be given more power to investigate corruption (P)16
Czech presidency of the Council of the EU is a success1
Czech Republic should adopt measures to close the income gap between men and women (P)6
Czech secondary schools should use essay writing instead of examination of learned facts as the means of testing in humanities and social science classes4
Debaters have better lives1
Democracy is not an answer for every country1
Democracy is not the best form of government for developing countries.5
Democratic goverments should follow public opinion when making decisions on a particular matter1
Democratic governments should not limit freedom of expression14
Democratically elected Islamists are better than secular dictators1
Developed countries should adopt measures damaging their economy if the measures contribute to solving the climate crisis2
Developed countries should ban the import of goods produced by workers whose rights are being violated.4
Developing countries need free trade rather than development aid30
Development aid should be tied to combating climate change5
Development aid should be tied to respecting the human rights (P)6
Dictatorship is a progressive form of government.1
Dictatorship is better than Democracy2
Directors of primary and secondary schools should have the right to use camera monitoring systems in their schools1
Doctors should be obliged to report signs of domestic violence on women to the police.8
Dope should be legalized in sports0
Doping should be legalised2
Dowloading and sharing of music and movies without author's consent should be legalized7
Downloading Music and Films from the Internet should be prohibited0
Downloading of music and movies from the internet should be prohibited3
Drugs intended for African market should not be subjected to patent laws2
Eating meat is bad2
Efforts to adress global warming do more harm than good23
Eight-year grammar schools should be banned.1
Employers should be allowed to monitor computer activity of their employees2
Employers should have a right to fire an employee without giving a reason4
Entry of motor vehicles into the big city centres should be charged2
Entry of vehicles into city centres should be limited in the Czech Republic (P)1
EU countries should adopt a policy of assimilation instead of multiculturalism when dealing with Muslim immigrants4
EU countries should grant asylum to Russian deserters3
EU should allow torture as a proper response to extreme situations1
EU should more help to Ukraine1
EU should open its doors to immigrants (P) 10
Europe should abandon the concept of a welfare state33
Euthanasia should be legalized15
Every country has the right to own nuclear weapons10
Every nation should have the right to self-determination4
Everyone should have the right to use lethal force protect his/her property10
Exchange of one Shalit for 1,027 prisoners was the right thing to do1
Extremist political parties should be banned5
Facebook is harmful3
Fashion is harmful1
Fathers should have a right to veto an abortion0
Feminism is a harmful ideology1
Football clubs should pay for police intervention at stadium2
Foreign movies and shows should only be broadcasted in the original language9
Further development of artificial intelligence is not desirable1
Gay marriages should be legalized2
Given a way to accurately measure an individual's empathy, THW only allow individuals with high levels of empathy for people beyond their immediate circles, to vote in el1
Globalisation has done more harm than good.1
Government officials should be banned from owning great companies2
Governments should have the right to censor materials on the world wide web4
Governments should set a limit on individual wealth1
Graffiti is an art0
Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone: Students at Hogwarts should not be sorted into houses.2
Harry Potter is the best book series for the youth.1
Health care should not be free0
Healthcare should not be free of charge20
Helping Greece is a road to perdition7
High school students with good grades should not have to attend all lessons3
Historical cities (such as Prague, Český Krumlov or Barcelona) should introduce a significant tourist fee for entering the city centre18
Hollywood has been a bad influence3
Hollywood is detrimental6
Homeopathic medicine should be banned9
Homework should be forbidden6
Homosexual couples should have a right to adopt children4
Humanity should actively attempt to contact extraterrestrial intelligent life.10
Childless people should pay higher contribution to the pension system2
Children should have a voting right exercised by their legal guardians12
China is headed for a revolution9
Christianity makes people better.1
Churches activities should be financed exclusively by worshippers2
Churches and religious leaders should not teach that hardship in life is God’s way of testing you6
chz¨zech republic shuld adapt mansures to close the income gap between men and womn0
If I'm to choose between lesser and greater evil, I'd rather not choose at all1
Immigrants are beneficial for their target country1
In art and popular culture, THBT creating new lead characters for minorities (eg. Black Panther, Hancock) is better than recasting them in existing roles already played b1
Independent Catalonia should be established19
Individuals should be required to reveal their identity when communicating on the internetzo6
Influencers bring more harm than good 11
International community should interfere in the internal development of developing countries16
International economic sanctions bring more harm than good18
Internet censorship is desirable1
Israel and Palestine should form a single country2
It is better to be pretty than smart6
It is better to protest and harm the future of one's children rather than silently agree with an authoritative regime or dictatorship10
It is in EU´s interest to admit Turkey33
It is in our interest that poor countries get richer2
It is justifiable to torture suspected terrorists2
Journalists and artists should opt not to publish content which is offensive to religious believes.2
Judas does not belong to the Czech school leaving exam1
Junk food tax should be introduced.1
Kindergarten should be compulsory for all children before enrolling primary school5
Kosovo should become independent1
Late arrivals should be tollerated2
Life in city is better than life in countryside3
Life on village is better than life in a city2
Love does not exist1
Love is just a word0
Major sports events should not be financed from the tax money1
Majority voting system is preferable to the proportional one16
Malls' opening hours should be reduced1
Mandatory religious education should be introduced in Czech schools8
Mankind should try to preserve species2
Marijuana should be legalized7
Mašín brothers are heroes23
Mathematics should be a compulsory part of the maturita.4
Meat consumption should be prohibited1
Men have easier life than women3
Minimum wage should be abolished12
Models are beneficial for the society0
Modern mass communication media and technologies endanger freedom and privacy of an individual1
Money is happiness1
NATO should occupy Syria4
No increased attention should be paid to arabs during security checks.1
No subject should be mandatory at Czech high school graduation exams5
Number of compulsory subjects taught on Czech "gymnazium" secondary schools should be reduced5
Obama's plan to solve the financial crisis a road to perdition2
Olympic games in 2016 do belong to Prague3
Olympic games should be held in Prague8
Organ trade should be legalized.1
Organized religion brings more harm than good21
Organized religion of the current times is harmful20
Ownership of uninhabited residential properties should be transferred to local administration6
P.E. should not be compulsory at secondary schools4
Parents should have an acces to their childrens social media accounts4
Parents should have the right to homeschool their children attending primary schools.5
Parents should have the right to monitor all their children's activity on social network5
Parents should not teach their children good behaviour by invoking fear in them7
Parents should pay lower social insurance based on the number of children3
Passing a competency test should be a mandatory requirement for the right to vote.2
Peaceful coexistence of islamic world and western civilization is possible44
People serving prison sentences should be permitted to vote in elections1
People should have a right to recall elected representatives. (P)1
People should not consume meat3
People should not keep animals as pets3
Physical education at high schools should be voluntary6
Political correctness is a tool for progress.1
Political opinion polls should be banned3
Politicians should be forbidden to own media enterprizes2
Pop music harms the youth1
Pop singers are bad role models for the youth2
Pope should be burried in Polland1
Pornography should be banned3
Presidential elections in the CR should change1
Presidents power should be limited (P)1
Prisoners should be allowed to participate in professional medical studies in exchange for shorter sentences.10
Private sector employees should not have a right to strike23
Professional sports bring more harm than good6
Prohibition should be established3
Prostitution should be criminalized3
Prostitution should be legalized1
Provision of development aid should be tied to protection of women rights (P)1
Public employees should not have the right to strike2
Public personalities deserve premium protection of their privacy0
Public service media are important for democracy2
Public transport in cities should be free of charge1
Random drug testing should be allowed in schools3
Reality shows are immoral2
Reality shows bring more harm than good9
Reality TV is immoral5
Rehabilitation of offenders should be the main objective of criminal punishment49
Remuneration of top managers should be changed1
Revolutions in Arabic countries will bring more harm than good2
Salary caps in professional sports bring more harm than good9
Selling of alcoholic beverages should be banned0
Sharing economy should be banned4
Shops should be closed on sundays and public holidays4
Schengen area has brought more harm than good15
School uniforms improve the quality of education2
School Uniforms should be Introduced3
School's leaving examination in maths should be mandatory0
Schools should allow their students to wear religious symbols0
Single women should have the possibility to undergo in vitro fertilisation3
Slot machines and video lottery terminals should be banned1
Smartphones are harmful to the youth.6
Smoking in restaurants should be banned1
Soap operas cause more mental harm than violent action movies1
Social credit system should be introduced in the Czech Republic3
Social media are harmful to democracy20
Social media providers should be forbidden from deleting content that does not breach the law5
Social networks bring more harm than good1
Special offers in supermarkets should be abolished9
Sports based on using violence against your opponent (e.g. boxing or MMA) should be banned.2
Sports' clubs should be punished for bad behavior of their fans0
Sportsmen should boycott Olympic games in countries that violante human rights1
State should cover all reasonable expenses on raising a child.7
State should not limit the expenditures for election campaign2
State should not limit the opening hours of establishments selling alcohol1
State should subsidise arts3
State should support amateur youth sport instead of top professional competitions1
States of the EU should adopt policies to improve the integration of musims (P)6
States should have a right to refuse re-entry of their citizens who went abroad to participate in terrorist actions.3
Students should have the right to dismiss their teachers3
Studying at GJŠ is a good alternative for your child´s future1
Subsidies on public transport should be abolished (P)0
Superheroes should use lethal methods to fight crime2
Surrogate motherhood should be legalized3
Tabacco products should be banned1
TH believes the EU should have its own military1
TH condemns payment of bonuses to executives to supplement their sallaries2
TH considers that Commonwealth has outlived its usefulness.2
TH regrets the rise in popularity of easily accessible online platforms for trading stocks and other financial instruments.1
TH regrets the rise of anti-hero in media1
TH still believes Lance Armstrong to be a hero1
TH supports introduction of the minimal wage.1
TH welcomes the demise of religion1
TH welcomes the entrance of large number of robots into a workforce4
TH would abolish grading at schools2
TH would abolish patent rights for drugs in Africa.1
TH would allow parents to choose genetic characteristics of their children1
TH would ban circumcision on boys1
TH would ban religious symbols at schools.1
TH would cap sallaries of the CEOs1
TH would cease the exploitation of arctic region1
TH would introduce environmental tax1
TH would legalize prostitution1
TH would prioritize disadvantaged minorities in application to universities.1
TH would promote EU citizenship2
TH would repeal laws that ban public indecency1
TH, as opposition parties in authoritarian democracies, would actively prioritise their militant wings over their political wings1
TH, as South Korea, would aim to significantly increase its cross border economic cooperation with North Korea.1
That voting in democracies should be made compulsory3
That 3rd world's debt should be cancelled2
That alcohol should be banned7
That civics should be a compulsory graduation subject1
That computer games do more harm than good1
That debaters make better spouses3
That developed countries should accept more refugees4
That drinking alcohol on public should be banned1
That euthanasia should be legalised19
That gambling of all forms should be banned8
That graffiti is a piece of art1
That life is fun1
That lying can be justifiable1
That national state has no future5
That ordinary mail is better than email2
That philosophy is not necessary today2
That polygamy should be legalised2
That Prague should host the Olympic games in year 20161
That religion has done more harm than good10
That security measures in Czech Republic should be increased1
That sending humanitarian aid to the USA is justifiable1
That size matters1
That small shops are better than hypermarkets3
That smokers should contribute to their healthcare expenses1
That smoking should be banned3
That Snow White had a more enjoyable life than Cinderella1
That Snow White is better than Little Red Riding Hood2
That the age of criminal liability should be lowered in the Czech Republic4
That the age of legal consent should be lowered5
That the communist party should be banned1
That the Czech republic should allow US radar on its territory1
That the marijuana should be legalised1
That the menu in the school bufet should be changed1
That there should be a minimum quota for women in the Parliament2
That this world is heading towards a disaster1
That tourism is harmful3
That we should destroy this school1
That we should limit economic development for the protection of environment1
That we should prefer alternative sources of energy1
That we should recognize Kosovo as an independent state1
That woman needs man like a fish needs a bicycle1
That women have better life than men1
That world doesn't need the USA as a global policeman1
THBT a parliamentary democracy requires the inclusion of sovereign referenda to decide on important issues.2
THBT all young people should be required to do some form of National Service (not necessarily military) for two full years. 2
THBT arranged marriages are justifiable1
THBT athletes have a moral duty to boycott the Olympic Games in Sochi.1
THBT boycott of sport events is a legitimate tool of foreign policy1
THBT celebrities, who are convicted of crimes should not be allowed to work in entertainment industries1
THBT closing down sweatshops in third world countries would do more harm than good4
THBT Czech television should establish broadcasting channel for Roma people4
THBT employers should have a right to monitor all activities of their employees without their consent1
THBT environmental groups should use violence to achieve their goals1
THBT EU has failed.1
THBT EU should have militarily intervened in Syria unilaterally after the Russian and Chinese veto in the UN in February 2012 given the situation at the time.2
THBT every citizen should be entitled to free health care1
THBT feminist movements should seek ban on pornography2
THBT giving presents is bad way to celebrate Christmas1
THBT governent should pick interest of its citizens over universal protection of human rights.1
THBT government should actively discourage consumerist lifestyle1
THBT government should have a right to shut down internet in the case of emergency1
THBT important decisions about children's health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.2
THBT maternity leave should fully compensate sallary2
THBT media should forcibly out gay celebrities.1
THBT micro-finance organizations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively3
THBT newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections2
THBT noone should be forced to bear witness against their close relatives at court of law1
THBT parents should have a right to forbid their children from attending evolution classes.1
THBT polygamy should be legalised1
THBT retribution should not be a function of the criminal justice system1
THBT sexual harassment in the wokplace should not be punished by law1
THBT state should not subsidise the arts1
THBT state should prioritize interests of its citizens over protection of human rights around the world.0
THBT state should subsidise sport1
THBT the creation of feminist icons and their cults of personality are good for the feminist movement1
THBT the elections should be mandatory1
THBT the EU member states should have the responsibility to bail out failing EU economies1
THBT the EU should support the opposition in Ukraine0
THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize0
THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize3
THBT the Falkland Islands should be returned to Argentina1
THBT the greatest threat for the western society is aging.2
THBT the income tax should be progressive1
THBT the world’s poor would be justified in pursuing complete Marxist Revolution.1
THBT universities should open courses in direct proportion to labour market demand1
THBT university education should be free2
THBT US military intervention in the Middle East is a greater threat than Islamic fundamentalism2
THBT violations of copyright law are permissible when free Internet is at stake.1
THBT workfare makes more harm than good4
The activities of Greta Thunberg have brought more harm than good10
The amendment to the roads traffic regulation law is a move in the right direction28
The appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong16
The attitude towards minorities in the Czech Republic should change1
The ban on wearing burqas in Europe brings more harm than good.8
The capital punishment should be introduced7
The community service should be compulsory for high school students in their free time11
The concept of family is harmful.0
The countries should ban the import of goods produced by child labour2
The current approach to the issue of homelesness should be reconsidered2
The Czech education system should fundamentally change (P)16
THe Czech republic caese to offer development aid1
The Czech Republic should adopt policy to fight better against teen smoking (p)2
The Czech Republic should adopt the euro as soon as possible5
The Czech Republic should combat populism (P)23
The Czech Republic should combat the indebtedness of its citizens (P)14
The Czech republic should deal with its past13
The Czech Republic should enact a tax reform (P)19
The Czech Republic should impose a fat tax1
The Czech Republic should increase its support for technical university education at the expense of humanities and social studies2
The Czech Republic would benefit form a US military base on its territory1
The development of nuclear weapons has brought more harm than good37
The disadvantages of tourism outweigh its benefits.2
The distribution of printed flyers and advertisement newspapers should be abolished2
The elderly should not have the right to vote.0
The electoral treshold for the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament should be abolished0
The EU shoul take a more active role in international matters2
The EU should abolish the Common Agricultural Policy4
The EU should accept Ukraine as a member by 20209
The EU should have a unified set of labour market regulations16
The EU should have the right to veto the budget deficits of its members2
The EU should impose sanctions on those of its member states which restrict liberal democracy1
The EU should introduce quotas for women in national parliaments (P)8
The EU should open doors to immigrants2
The EU should prioritise measures to decrease income inequality over ones incentivising economic growth17
The government should do more to fight child and youth obesity (P)1
The government should lie to its citizens under certain circumstances14
The growing trend of abandoning nuclear energy is a mistake17
The homeless should have a right to food and shelter2
The institution of marriage brings more harm than good3
The international community should launch preventive attacks against the states developing nuclear weapons5
The international community should military intervene in Syria4
The international community should support the development of nuclear power industry9
The International Monetary Fund brings more harm than good31
The introduction of tuition fees at Czech Universities is not the way to go14
The liberalization of agri-food trade is a solution to food crisis14
The media should decide not to ridicule any religion8
The media should show full horrors of war11
The minimum wage should be abolished1
The Negatives should win this debate3
The Nobel Peace Prize is in the right hands of Barack Obama1
The obligatory use of winter tyres should be introduced in the CR1
The Olympic Games should be discontinued.4
The parents should have the right to refuse some ways of medical treatment of their children for religious reasons1
The pen is mightier than the sword2
The President´s right to grant amnesty should be abolished1
The public should have a free online access to all criminal records7
The right to free health care should be limited44
The rise of the gig economy brings more harm than good20
The Senate should be abolished0
The school should promote patriotism5
The smoking in public places should be banned5
The smoking in the restaurants should be banned4
The sportsmen should be obliged to represent in the national team1
The state should adopt measures to decrease birth rate of low income families. (P)1
The state should introduce only one indirect tax rate for all goods and services.4
The state should never support failing businesses5
The state should not in any way restrict the expression of opinion40
The state should not support public media2
The state should provide free contraception for everyone7
The state should punish parents of obese childern1
The UN Security Council should be reformed (P)16
The United States of Europe should be established (P)4
The use of mobile phones should be forbidden even during school breaks at primary schools1
The voting age should be lowered to 16 years of age1
The War on Terror has failed to increase our security6
The weight of citizen's vote should relate to the amount of taxes he pays6
The world needs a strong US1
The World would be a better place without Christmas1
Theft in order to feed the family is justified .1
There is too much money in sport5
There should be a new referendum on Brexit before the U.K. leaves the E.U.4
There should be obligatory school-leaving exam in maths1
There was no need for Czechoslovakia to split3
This house believes it is time for a change2
This house believes that governments should provide benefits based on matiral status1
This house believes that nuclear energy is a necessary means of fighting the climate change1
This house believes that peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful1
This house believes that public sector employees should not have the right to strike2
This House believes that Universal Primary Education is a misallocation of resources for the developing world2
This house believes that women can only achieve equality in a secular society2
This house supports greater US military presence in East Asia2
This house supports sovereign debt default as a legitimate economic strategy for countries1
This house supports the use of sporting competitions as a political tool2
This house welcomes the rise of China as the world's new superpower2
This House Would ban insurance coverage for sexual misconduct claims.1
This house would ban the publication of political opinion polls1
This house would cease the exploitation of resources in the Arctic region1
This house would forcibly test its citizens for HIV2
This house would give preference to immigration applicants whose values are consistent with those of the host nation1
This house would introduce quotas for women in national elections2
This House would legalise the sale of human organs6
This house would make demonstrable commitment to combating climate change a precondition for the receipt of development aid.1
This house would not negotiate with terrorists4
This house would offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power2
This house would permit legislating by citizen initited referenda1
This house would show the full horrors of war4
THO post-conflict states cultivating national identities based on past historical trauma.0
THO the commercialization of culturally significant locations as tourist destinations (e.g. Bali in Indonesia, Hoi An in Vietnam).0
THP a world where each believer established their own connection to God, rather than establishing one through organised religion1
THP a world with a dominant norm of spiritual fluidity0
THR the rehabilitative approach of universities in their management of bullying and harassment incidents0
THS governments aggressively subsidizing the poor moving out of megacities into rural areas1
THS the adoption of variable minimum wage laws2
THS the narrative that traditionally feminine qualities (e.g. compassion, kindness) enable female leaders to better deal with times of crisis1
THW adopt little Africans2
THW allow private companies to discriminate1
THW allow the state to monitor all social media to prevent terrorism6
THW allow the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport3
THW allow victims of violent crimes to veto the prosecution of their offender0
THW assess students on individual academic development instead of standardised examination results2
THW bail out failing banks1
THW ban holocaust denial1
THW ban research of stem cells taken from embryos1
THW criminalize public denial of evolution1
THW choose the job they are passionate about1
THW introduce capital punishment1
THW introduce Housing first policy to vanish homelessness4
THW introduce quotas for female CEOs2
THW legalize all drugs4
THW not allow adoptive parents to specify ethnic or gender preferences1
THW not shut down Wikileaks1
THW place limits on financing of political campaings from private sources1
THW prohibit the sale of goods produced under conditions which harm the workers or put them at avoidable risk4
THW rather give scarce medical resources to people with healthy lifestyle1
THW reform UN security council2
THW require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet.1
THW send youths convicted of multiple criminal offences to re-education camps run by the military2
THW suspend trade unions and labour protection laws in times of economic crisis0
Trading with countries violating human rights is immoral1
Traditional gender roles of men and women in families are outdated1
Tuition fees should be introduced at Czech universities5
Turkey should join the EU6
Turkey should join the EU as a member0
Under-aged girls should not be allowed to have an abortion without their parents‘ consent.1
Underage athletes should not be allowed to join professional adult sport competitions10
Underweight models should be banned from catwalk1
Unemployed people should be made to work for their welfare money6
University education should be free1
Use of performance enhancing drugs in sports should be allowed1
Using biometric data in personal IDs is good thing to do2
Václav Klaus should be reelected as Czech president1
Vegetarianism is a matter of fashion2
Violent computer games should be banned2
Voters should be paid for voting in elections10
Voters should prefer established political parties to newly created ones2
Voting should be made compulsory2
Vox populi is a relic1
We don't want any violet octopuses in Prague3
We should all be vegans.5
We should ban advertisements for alcoholic beverages2
We should ban Facebook0
We should boycot the Olympic Games in China in 20081
We should debate only in Czech1
We should implement negative voting for political elections18
We should legalize marihuana1
We should make an effort to change the atmosphere of Advent3
We should make an effort to change the atmosphere of Christmas2
We should negotitate with the terrorists1
We should not expose children to Disney princesses1
We should not negotiate with terrorists1
We should put more money to flowers1
We should stop testing employees in companies1
We should support modern urban planning, even if it changes the historical character of the city2
We should support replacing human labour with artificial intelligence2
We should support the construction of a national stadium0
We should support the development and use of genetically modified organisms13
We should thank God for America13
We shouldn't forgive dictators28
We support the development and the usage of the genetically modified organisms2
Welfare benefits should be paid only to parents who send their children to school.2
Werewolves are scarier than vampires1
Western democracies should improve the situation of people of North Korea (P)38
Western democracies should limit the global influence of China (P)0
When implemented, the measures of direct democracy are harmful27
Women should marry in black1
Youtubers have negative influence on children7