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Zdraví / Health

Abortion is unjustifiable3
Abortion should be banned10
Advertising for tobacco products should be banned5
All drugs should be legalized7
Assisted suicide should be legalized7
Caffeine drinks should not be sold to youngsters under the age of fifteen1
Doctors should be obliged to report signs of domestic violence on women to the police.8
Drugs intended for African market should not be subjected to patent laws2
Eating meat is bad2
Euthanasia should be legalized15
Fashion is harmful1
Health care should not be free0
Healthcare should not be free of charge20
Homeopathic medicine should be banned9
Homosexual couples should have a right to adopt children4
Junk food tax should be introduced.1
Life on village is better than life in a city2
Marijuana should be legalized7
Models are beneficial for the society0
Organ trade should be legalized.1
Prohibition should be established3
Random drug testing should be allowed in schools3
Single women should have the possibility to undergo in vitro fertilisation3
Slot machines and video lottery terminals should be banned1
Smoking in restaurants should be banned1
Tabacco products should be banned1
TH would abolish patent rights for drugs in Africa.1
TH would allow parents to choose genetic characteristics of their children1
That alcohol should be banned7
That computer games do more harm than good1
That drinking alcohol on public should be banned1
That smokers should contribute to their healthcare expenses1
That smoking should be banned3
That the marijuana should be legalised1
That the menu in the school bufet should be changed1
THBT every citizen should be entitled to free health care1
THBT important decisions about children's health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.2
The Czech Republic should impose a fat tax1
The government should do more to fight child and youth obesity (P)1
The liberalization of agri-food trade is a solution to food crisis14
The parents should have the right to refuse some ways of medical treatment of their children for religious reasons1
The right to free health care should be limited44
The smoking in public places should be banned5
The smoking in the restaurants should be banned4
The state should provide free contraception for everyone7
The state should punish parents of obese childern1
This house would forcibly test its citizens for HIV2
This House would legalise the sale of human organs6
THW ban research of stem cells taken from embryos1
THW legalize all drugs5
THW rather give scarce medical resources to people with healthy lifestyle1
Under-aged girls should not be allowed to have an abortion without their parents‘ consent.1
Underweight models should be banned from catwalk1
Vegetarianism is a matter of fashion2
We should ban advertisements for alcoholic beverages2
We should legalize marihuana1
We should support the development and use of genetically modified organisms13
We support the development and the usage of the genetically modified organisms2