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Právo / Law

Abortion should be banned10
Assisted suicide should be legalized7
Bearing firearms by citizens should be forbidden. 5
Caffeine drinks should not be sold to youngsters under the age of fifteen1
Corporal punishment should be estabilished2
Courts should be able to order corporal punishment for commiting a crime2
Czech police and prosecution should be given more power to investigate corruption (P)16
Developed countries should ban the import of goods produced by workers whose rights are being violated.4
Dowloading and sharing of music and movies without author's consent should be legalized7
Downloading Music and Films from the Internet should be prohibited0
Downloading of music and movies from the internet should be prohibited3
Drugs intended for African market should not be subjected to patent laws2
Euthanasia should be legalized15
Extremist political parties should be banned5
Homeopathic medicine should be banned9
Mašín brothers are heroes23
Passing a competency test should be a mandatory requirement for the right to vote.2
Prostitution should be legalized1
Public employees should not have the right to strike2
Selling of alcoholic beverages should be banned0
Sharing economy should be banned4
Social media providers should be forbidden from deleting content that does not breach the law5
Sports' clubs should be punished for bad behavior of their fans0
State should not limit the expenditures for election campaign2
That polygamy should be legalised2
That the age of criminal liability should be lowered in the Czech Republic4
That the age of legal consent should be lowered5
THBT noone should be forced to bear witness against their close relatives at court of law1
THBT violations of copyright law are permissible when free Internet is at stake.1
The appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong16
The capital punishment should be introduced7
The electoral treshold for the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament should be abolished0
The President´s right to grant amnesty should be abolished1
The state should not in any way restrict the expression of opinion40
There should be a new referendum on Brexit before the U.K. leaves the E.U.4
THW allow private companies to discriminate1
THW allow the state to monitor all social media to prevent terrorism6
THW ban research of stem cells taken from embryos1
THW legalize all drugs5
Use of performance enhancing drugs in sports should be allowed1