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Zločin / Crime

All drugs should be legalized7
Assassination of the Reichsprotector Reynhard Heydrich was justifiable1
Corporal punishment should be estabilished2
Courts should be able to order corporal punishment for commiting a crime2
Cutting of internet connection should be introduced as an alternative punishment3
Dowloading and sharing of music and movies without author's consent should be legalized7
Mašín brothers are heroes23
People serving prison sentences should be permitted to vote in elections1
Prostitution should be criminalized3
Sports' clubs should be punished for bad behavior of their fans0
States should have a right to refuse re-entry of their citizens who went abroad to participate in terrorist actions.3
Superheroes should use lethal methods to fight crime2
The capital punishment should be introduced7
The President´s right to grant amnesty should be abolished1
The public should have a free online access to all criminal records7
THW ban holocaust denial1
THW criminalize public denial of evolution1
THW introduce capital punishment1
THW legalize all drugs5
THW send youths convicted of multiple criminal offences to re-education camps run by the military2
We should not negotiate with terrorists1