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Lidská práva / Human rights

Abortion is unjustifiable3
Abortions should require fathers consent2
All states should immediately ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families1
Corporal punishment should be estabilished2
Development aid should be tied to respecting the human rights (P)6
EU should allow torture as a proper response to extreme situations1
Everyone should have the right to use lethal force protect his/her property10
Fathers should have a right to veto an abortion0
International community should interfere in the internal development of developing countries16
It is justifiable to torture suspected terrorists2
Modern mass communication media and technologies endanger freedom and privacy of an individual1
Provision of development aid should be tied to protection of women rights (P)1
Public employees should not have the right to strike2
Sportsmen should boycott Olympic games in countries that violante human rights1
Superheroes should use lethal methods to fight crime2
That alcohol should be banned7
That developed countries should accept more refugees4
That euthanasia should be legalised19
That gambling of all forms should be banned8
That sending humanitarian aid to the USA is justifiable1
That smoking should be banned3
That world doesn't need the USA as a global policeman1
THBT EU should have militarily intervened in Syria unilaterally after the Russian and Chinese veto in the UN in February 2012 given the situation at the time.2
THBT governent should pick interest of its citizens over universal protection of human rights.1
THBT government should have a right to shut down internet in the case of emergency1
THBT media should forcibly out gay celebrities.1
THBT newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections2
THBT state should prioritize interests of its citizens over protection of human rights around the world.0
The appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong16
The capital punishment should be introduced7
The EU should impose sanctions on those of its member states which restrict liberal democracy1
The right to free health care should be limited44
The state should not in any way restrict the expression of opinion40
This house would introduce quotas for women in national elections2
THW allow private companies to discriminate1
THW introduce capital punishment1
THW not allow adoptive parents to specify ethnic or gender preferences1
THW prohibit the sale of goods produced under conditions which harm the workers or put them at avoidable risk4
Trading with countries violating human rights is immoral1
Under-aged girls should not be allowed to have an abortion without their parents‘ consent.1