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Česká republika / Czech Republic

Assassination of the Reichsprotector Reynhard Heydrich was justifiable1
Beauty contests in the CR should be discontinued0
CR should better protect victims of domestic violence (P)17
CR should introdouce monarchy2
Czech armed forces should continue actively participating in foreign military operations2
Czech presidency of the Council of the EU is a success1
Czech Republic should adopt measures to close the income gap between men and women (P)6
Czech secondary schools should use essay writing instead of examination of learned facts as the means of testing in humanities and social science classes4
Entry of vehicles into city centres should be limited in the Czech Republic (P)1
Judas does not belong to the Czech school leaving exam1
Mandatory religious education should be introduced in Czech schools8
No subject should be mandatory at Czech high school graduation exams5
Number of compulsory subjects taught on Czech "gymnazium" secondary schools should be reduced5
Olympic games in 2016 do belong to Prague3
Olympic games should be held in Prague8
Presidential elections in the CR should change1
Presidents power should be limited (P)1
Smoking in restaurants should be banned1
That Prague should host the Olympic games in year 20161
That security measures in Czech Republic should be increased1
THBT Czech television should establish broadcasting channel for Roma people4
The attitude towards minorities in the Czech Republic should change1
The Czech education system should fundamentally change (P)16
THe Czech republic caese to offer development aid1
The Czech Republic should adopt policy to fight better against teen smoking (p)2
The Czech Republic should adopt the euro as soon as possible5
The Czech Republic should combat the indebtedness of its citizens (P)14
The Czech Republic should impose a fat tax1
The Czech Republic should increase its support for technical university education at the expense of humanities and social studies2
The Czech Republic would benefit form a US military base on its territory1
The electoral treshold for the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament should be abolished0
The introduction of tuition fees at Czech Universities is not the way to go14
The President´s right to grant amnesty should be abolished1
The smoking in the restaurants should be banned4
There was no need for Czechoslovakia to split3
Tuition fees should be introduced at Czech universities5
Václav Klaus should be reelected as Czech president1
We don't want any violet octopuses in Prague3