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Evropská unie / European Union

BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are a menace to Europe1
Czech presidency of the Council of the EU is a success1
EU countries should adopt a policy of assimilation instead of multiculturalism when dealing with Muslim immigrants4
EU should allow torture as a proper response to extreme situations1
EU should more help to Ukraine1
EU should open its doors to immigrants (P) 10
Europe should abandon the concept of a welfare state33
Helping Greece is a road to perdition7
It is in EU´s interest to admit Turkey33
Schengen area has brought more harm than good15
States of the EU should adopt policies to improve the integration of musims (P)6
TH would promote EU citizenship2
THBT EU has failed.1
THBT EU should have militarily intervened in Syria unilaterally after the Russian and Chinese veto in the UN in February 2012 given the situation at the time.2
THBT the EU member states should have the responsibility to bail out failing EU economies1
THBT the EU should support the opposition in Ukraine0
THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize3
THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize0
The ban on wearing burqas in Europe brings more harm than good.8
The Czech Republic should adopt the euro as soon as possible5
The EU shoul take a more active role in international matters2
The EU should abolish the Common Agricultural Policy4
The EU should accept Ukraine as a member by 20209
The EU should have the right to veto the budget deficits of its members2
The EU should impose sanctions on those of its member states which restrict liberal democracy1
The EU should introduce quotas for women in national parliaments (P)8
The EU should open doors to immigrants2
The EU should prioritise measures to decrease income inequality over ones incentivising economic growth17
The United States of Europe should be established (P)4
There should be a new referendum on Brexit before the U.K. leaves the E.U.4
Turkey should join the EU6
Turkey should join the EU as a member0