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Plánová / Policy

CR should better protect victims of domestic violence (P)17
Czech police and prosecution should be given more power to investigate corruption (P)16
Development aid should be tied to respecting the human rights (P)6
Entry of vehicles into city centres should be limited in the Czech Republic (P)1
EU should open its doors to immigrants (P) 10
People should have a right to recall elected representatives. (P)1
Presidents power should be limited (P)1
Provision of development aid should be tied to protection of women rights (P)1
States of the EU should adopt policies to improve the integration of musims (P)6
Subsidies on public transport should be abolished (P)0
The Czech education system should fundamentally change (P)16
The Czech Republic should adopt policy to fight better against teen smoking (p)2
The state should adopt measures to decrease birth rate of low income families. (P)1
The UN Security Council should be reformed (P)16
The United States of Europe should be established (P)4