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Hodnotová / Value

Abortion is unjustifiable3
As a last resort, unilateral military force is justified to minimize nuclear weapons proliferation.1
Assassination of the Reichsprotector Reynhard Heydrich was justifiable1
Beauty contests are harmful11
Being young is fun8
Benefits of tourism outweigh the disadvantages2
Bio-fuels do bring more harm than good2
Boarding schools are benefitial for children3
Brick and mortar librariers have lost their significance1
Cats are better than dogs1
Celebrities are wrong role models for the youth1
Censorship is desirable3
Czech presidency of the Council of the EU is a success1
Debaters have better lives1
Democracy is not the best form of government for developing countries.5
Democratically elected Islamists are better than secular dictators1
Developing countries need free trade rather than development aid30
Dictatorship is better than Democracy2
Eating meat is bad2
Efforts to adress global warming do more harm than good23
Facebook is harmful3
Fashion is harmful1
Feminism is a harmful ideology1
Hollywood has been a bad influence3
Hollywood is detrimental6
Immigrants are beneficial for their target country1
International economic sanctions bring more harm than good18
It is better to be pretty than smart6
It is better to protest and harm the future of one's children rather than silently agree with an authoritative regime or dictatorship10
It is in our interest that poor countries get richer2
It is justifiable to torture suspected terrorists2
Judas does not belong to the Czech school leaving exam1
Life in city is better than life in countryside3
Life on village is better than life in a city2
Majority voting system is preferable to the proportional one16
Mašín brothers are heroes46
Men have easier life than women3
Models are beneficial for the society0
Money is happiness1
Organized religion of the current times is harmful20
Pop music harms the youth1
Pop singers are bad role models for the youth2
Professional sports bring more harm than good6
Public service media are important for democracy2
Reality shows are immoral2
Reality TV is immoral5
Revolutions in Arabic countries will bring more harm than good2
Smartphones are harmful to the youth.6
Social networks bring more harm than good1
TH regrets the rise of anti-hero in media1
TH welcomes the demise of religion1
TH welcomes the entrance of large number of robots into a workforce4
That computer games do more harm than good1
That debaters make better spouses3
That life is fun1
That lying can be justifiable1
That ordinary mail is better than email2
That sending humanitarian aid to the USA is justifiable1
That size matters1
That small shops are better than hypermarkets3
That Snow White had a more enjoyable life than Cinderella1
That Snow White is better than Little Red Riding Hood2
That tourism is harmful3
That women have better life than men1
That world doesn't need the USA as a global policeman1
THBT arranged marriages are justifiable1
THBT closing down sweatshops in third world countries would do more harm than good4
THBT giving presents is bad way to celebrate Christmas1
THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize3
THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize0
THBT workfare makes more harm than good4
The amendment to the roads traffic regulation law is a move in the right direction28
The appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong16
The ban on wearing burqas in Europe brings more harm than good.8
The Czech Republic would benefit form a US military base on its territory1
The development of nuclear weapons has brought more harm than good37
The International Monetary Fund brings more harm than good31
The introduction of tuition fees at Czech Universities is not the way to go14
The Nobel Peace Prize is in the right hands of Barack Obama1
The world needs a strong US1
The World would be a better place without Christmas1
This house welcomes the rise of China as the world's new superpower2
THW rather give scarce medical resources to people with healthy lifestyle1
Trading with countries violating human rights is immoral1
Traditional gender roles of men and women in families are outdated1
Using biometric data in personal IDs is good thing to do2
Vox populi is a relic1
When implemented, the measures of direct democracy are harmful27
Youtubers have negative influence on children7