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Faktická / Factual

Advances in science present a threat34
Aliens exist1
American culture is an oxymoron3
An increase in public expenditures would not put an end to the financial crisis8
BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are a menace to Europe1
Democracy is not an answer for every country1
Graffiti is an art0
Helping Greece is a road to perdition7
China is headed for a revolution9
Internet censorship is desirable1
It is in EU´s interest to admit Turkey33
Love does not exist1
Love is just a word0
Modern mass communication media and technologies endanger freedom and privacy of an individual1
Obama's plan to solve the financial crisis a road to perdition2
Olympic games in 2016 do belong to Prague3
Peaceful coexistence of islamic world and western civilization is possible44
Public personalities deserve premium protection of their privacy0
School uniforms improve the quality of education2
Soap operas cause more mental harm than violent action movies1
That graffiti is a piece of art1
That national state has no future5
That this world is heading towards a disaster1
That woman needs man like a fish needs a bicycle1
The liberalization of agri-food trade is a solution to food crisis14
The pen is mightier than the sword2
The War on Terror has failed to increase our security6
There is too much money in sport5
There was no need for Czechoslovakia to split3
Vegetarianism is a matter of fashion2