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Státní zřízení / Governance

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia should be banned2
Conscription should be re-introduced9
CR should introdouce monarchy2
Czech police and prosecution should be given more power to investigate corruption (P)16
Democracy is not an answer for every country1
Democracy is not the best form of government for developing countries.5
Democratic goverments should follow public opinion when making decisions on a particular matter1
Democratic governments should not limit freedom of expression14
Democratically elected Islamists are better than secular dictators1
Dictatorship is better than Democracy2
Extremist political parties should be banned5
Government officials should be banned from owning great companies2
Children should have a voting right exercised by their legal guardians12
China is headed for a revolution9
It is better to protest and harm the future of one's children rather than silently agree with an authoritative regime or dictatorship10
Kosovo should become independent1
Majority voting system is preferable to the proportional one16
Passing a competency test should be a mandatory requirement for the right to vote.2
People should have a right to recall elected representatives. (P)1
Presidential elections in the CR should change1
Presidents power should be limited (P)1
Public employees should not have the right to strike4
Public service media are important for democracy2
State should not limit the expenditures for election campaign2
That national state has no future5
That the communist party should be banned1
That there should be a minimum quota for women in the Parliament2
THBT a parliamentary democracy requires the inclusion of sovereign referenda to decide on important issues.2
THBT the elections should be mandatory1
The electoral treshold for the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament should be abolished0
The EU should impose sanctions on those of its member states which restrict liberal democracy1
The government should lie to its citizens under certain circumstances14
The Nobel Peace Prize is in the right hands of Barack Obama1
The President´s right to grant amnesty should be abolished1
The Senate should be abolished0
The state should not support public media2
The United States of Europe should be established (P)4
The voting age should be lowered to 16 years of age1
The weight of citizen's vote should relate to the amount of taxes he pays6
There was no need for Czechoslovakia to split3
This house would introduce quotas for women in national elections2
This house would permit legislating by citizen initited referenda1
THW place limits on financing of political campaings from private sources1
Václav Klaus should be reelected as Czech president1
Voting should be made compulsory2
Vox populi is a relic1
When implemented, the measures of direct democracy are harmful27