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Internet / The Internet

Brick and mortar librariers have lost their significance1
Cutting of internet connection should be introduced as an alternative punishment3
Dowloading and sharing of music and movies without author's consent should be legalized7
Downloading Music and Films from the Internet should be prohibited0
Downloading of music and movies from the internet should be prohibited3
Facebook is harmful3
Governments should have the right to censor materials on the world wide web4
Individuals should be required to reveal their identity when communicating on the internetzo6
Internet censorship is desirable1
Modern mass communication media and technologies endanger freedom and privacy of an individual1
Parents should have an acces to their childrens social media accounts4
Parents should have the right to monitor all their children's activity on social network5
Social networks bring more harm than good1
That ordinary mail is better than email2
THBT government should have a right to shut down internet in the case of emergency1
THBT violations of copyright law are permissible when free Internet is at stake.1
THW allow the state to monitor all social media to prevent terrorism6
THW not shut down Wikileaks1
THW require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet.1
We should ban Facebook0
Youtubers have negative influence on children7