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Společnost / Society

Abortion is unjustifiable3
Abortions should require fathers consent2
All drugs should be legalized7
Animals should not be used for sports or entertainment0
Bearing firearms by citizens should be forbidden. 5
Beauty contests are harmful11
Beauty contests in the CR should be discontinued0
Benefits of tourism outweigh the disadvantages2
Both parents should stand a comparable amount of time on parental leave0
Caffeine drinks should not be sold to youngsters under the age of fifteen1
Celebrities are wrong role models for the youth1
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia should be banned2
Conscription should be re-introduced9
CR should better protect victims of domestic violence (P)17
Democratic goverments should follow public opinion when making decisions on a particular matter1
Dictatorship is better than Democracy2
Doctors should be obliged to report signs of domestic violence on women to the police.8
Downloading Music and Films from the Internet should be prohibited0
Downloading of music and movies from the internet should be prohibited3
EU countries should adopt a policy of assimilation instead of multiculturalism when dealing with Muslim immigrants4
Europe should abandon the concept of a welfare state33
Extremist political parties should be banned5
Fashion is harmful1
Fathers should have a right to veto an abortion0
Feminism is a harmful ideology1
Government officials should be banned from owning great companies2
Graffiti is an art0
Health care should not be free0
Healthcare should not be free of charge20
Hollywood has been a bad influence3
Homework should be forbidden6
Childless people should pay higher contribution to the pension system2
Immigrants are beneficial for their target country1
Life in city is better than life in countryside3
Love is just a word0
Malls' opening hours should be reduced1
Mandatory religious education should be introduced in Czech schools8
Marijuana should be legalized7
Men have easier life than women3
Models are beneficial for the society0
No increased attention should be paid to arabs during security checks.1
Organized religion of the current times is harmful20
Parents should pay lower social insurance based on the number of children3
Passing a competency test should be a mandatory requirement for the right to vote.2
People should not keep animals as pets3
Pop singers are bad role models for the youth2
Professional sports bring more harm than good6
Prohibition should be established3
Public personalities deserve premium protection of their privacy0
Reality shows are immoral2
Reality TV is immoral5
Selling of alcoholic beverages should be banned0
Sharing economy should be banned4
Shops should be closed on sundays and public holidays4
Single women should have the possibility to undergo in vitro fertilisation3
Slot machines and video lottery terminals should be banned1
Smartphones are harmful to the youth.6
Soap operas cause more mental harm than violent action movies1
Sportsmen should boycott Olympic games in countries that violante human rights1
State should not limit the opening hours of establishments selling alcohol1
State should subsidise arts3
State should support amateur youth sport instead of top professional competitions1
Surrogate motherhood should be legalized3
Tabacco products should be banned1
TH would allow parents to choose genetic characteristics of their children1
TH would ban circumcision on boys1
TH would cap sallaries of the CEOs1
TH would prioritize disadvantaged minorities in application to universities.1
TH would repeal laws that ban public indecency1
That voting in democracies should be made compulsory3
That alcohol should be banned7
That civics should be a compulsory graduation subject1
That developed countries should accept more refugees4
That drinking alcohol on public should be banned1
That euthanasia should be legalised19
That gambling of all forms should be banned8
That graffiti is a piece of art1
That philosophy is not necessary today2
That size matters1
That small shops are better than hypermarkets3
That smokers should contribute to their healthcare expenses1
That smoking should be banned3
That the marijuana should be legalised1
That there should be a minimum quota for women in the Parliament2
That this world is heading towards a disaster1
That tourism is harmful3
That women have better life than men1
THBT all young people should be required to do some form of National Service (not necessarily military) for two full years. 2
THBT arranged marriages are justifiable1
THBT celebrities, who are convicted of crimes should not be allowed to work in entertainment industries1
THBT Czech television should establish broadcasting channel for Roma people4
THBT every citizen should be entitled to free health care1
THBT giving presents is bad way to celebrate Christmas1
THBT government should actively discourage consumerist lifestyle1
THBT maternity leave should fully compensate sallary2
THBT media should forcibly out gay celebrities.1
THBT sexual harassment in the wokplace should not be punished by law1
THBT state should not subsidise the arts1
THBT the greatest threat for the western society is aging.2
The appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong16
The attitude towards minorities in the Czech Republic should change1
The current approach to the issue of homelesness should be reconsidered2
The Czech Republic should adopt policy to fight better against teen smoking (p)2
The Czech republic should deal with its past13
The EU should prioritise measures to decrease income inequality over ones incentivising economic growth17
The government should do more to fight child and youth obesity (P)1
The homeless should have a right to food and shelter2
The media should show full horrors of war11
The minimum wage should be abolished1
The pen is mightier than the sword2
The public should have a free online access to all criminal records7
The school should promote patriotism5
The smoking in public places should be banned5
The sportsmen should be obliged to represent in the national team1
The state should adopt measures to decrease birth rate of low income families. (P)1
The state should provide free contraception for everyone7
The state should punish parents of obese childern1
This house believes it is time for a change2
This house believes that governments should provide benefits based on matiral status1
This house believes that women can only achieve equality in a secular society2
This house would forcibly test its citizens for HIV2
This house would give preference to immigration applicants whose values are consistent with those of the host nation1
This house would introduce quotas for women in national elections2
This house would not negotiate with terrorists4
This house would show the full horrors of war4
THW adopt little Africans2
THW allow private companies to discriminate1
THW ban holocaust denial1
THW introduce Housing first policy to vanish homelessness4
THW introduce quotas for female CEOs2
THW not allow adoptive parents to specify ethnic or gender preferences1
Traditional gender roles of men and women in families are outdated1
Under-aged girls should not be allowed to have an abortion without their parents‘ consent.1
Underweight models should be banned from catwalk1
Unemployed people should be made to work for their welfare money6
Use of performance enhancing drugs in sports should be allowed1
Vegetarianism is a matter of fashion2
Violent computer games should be banned2
Voters should prefer established political parties to newly created ones2
Vox populi is a relic1
We should debate only in Czech1
We should legalize marihuana1
We should make an effort to change the atmosphere of Advent3
We should make an effort to change the atmosphere of Christmas2
We should negotitate with the terrorists1
We should support replacing human labour with artificial intelligence2
Welfare benefits should be paid only to parents who send their children to school.2
Youtubers have negative influence on children7