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Mathematics should be a compulsory part of the maturita.4
TH condemns payment of bonuses to executives to supplement their sallaries2
TH considers that Commonwealth has outlived its usefulness.2
TH regrets the rise of anti-hero in media1
TH still believes Lance Armstrong to be a hero1
TH supports introduction of the minimal wage.1
TH welcomes the demise of religion1
TH welcomes the entrance of large number of robots into a workforce4
TH would abolish grading at schools2
TH would abolish patent rights for drugs in Africa.1
TH would allow parents to choose genetic characteristics of their children1
TH would ban circumcision on boys1
TH would ban religious symbols at schools.1
TH would cap sallaries of the CEOs1
TH would cease the exploitation of arctic region1
TH would introduce environmental tax1
TH would prioritize disadvantaged minorities in application to universities.1
TH would promote EU citizenship2
TH would repeal laws that ban public indecency1
That voting in democracies should be made compulsory3
That alcohol should be banned7
That civics should be a compulsory graduation subject1
That euthanasia should be legalised19
That gambling of all forms should be banned8
That philosophy is not necessary today2
That religion has done more harm than good10
That security measures in Czech Republic should be increased1
That smoking should be banned3
That the marijuana should be legalised1
That we should limit economic development for the protection of environment1
THBT a parliamentary democracy requires the inclusion of sovereign referenda to decide on important issues.2
THBT all young people should be required to do some form of National Service (not necessarily military) for two full years. 2
THBT arranged marriages are justifiable1
THBT athletes have a moral duty to boycott the Olympic Games in Sochi.1
THBT boycott of sport events is a legitimate tool of foreign policy1
THBT celebrities, who are convicted of crimes should not be allowed to work in entertainment industries1
THBT closing down sweatshops in third world countries would do more harm than good4
THBT Czech television should establish broadcasting channel for Roma people4
THBT employers should have a right to monitor all activities of their employees without their consent1
THBT environmental groups should use violence to achieve their goals1
THBT EU has failed.1
THBT EU should have militarily intervened in Syria unilaterally after the Russian and Chinese veto in the UN in February 2012 given the situation at the time.2
THBT every citizen should be entitled to free health care1
THBT feminist movements should seek ban on pornography2
THBT giving presents is bad way to celebrate Christmas1
THBT governent should pick interest of its citizens over universal protection of human rights.1
THBT government should actively discourage consumerist lifestyle1
THBT government should have a right to shut down internet in the case of emergency1
THBT important decisions about children's health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.2
THBT maternity leave should fully compensate sallary2
THBT media should forcibly out gay celebrities.1
THBT micro-finance organizations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively3
THBT newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections2
THBT noone should be forced to bear witness against their close relatives at court of law1
THBT parents should have a right to forbid their children from attending evolution classes.1
THBT polygamy should be legalised1
THBT sexual harassment in the wokplace should not be punished by law1
THBT state should not subsidise the arts1
THBT state should prioritize interests of its citizens over protection of human rights around the world.0
THBT state should subsidise sport1
THBT the elections should be mandatory1
THBT the EU member states should have the responsibility to bail out failing EU economies1
THBT the EU should support the opposition in Ukraine0
THBT the Falkland Islands should be returned to Argentina1
THBT the greatest threat for the western society is aging.2
THBT the income tax should be progressive1
THBT universities should open courses in direct proportion to labour market demand1
THBT university education should be free2
THBT US military intervention in the Middle East is a greater threat than Islamic fundamentalism2
THBT violations of copyright law are permissible when free Internet is at stake.1
This house believes it is time for a change2
This house believes that governments should provide benefits based on matiral status1
This house believes that nuclear energy is a necessary means of fighting the climate change1
This house believes that peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful1
This house believes that public sector employees should not have the right to strike2
This House believes that Universal Primary Education is a misallocation of resources for the developing world2
This house believes that women can only achieve equality in a secular society2
This house supports greater US military presence in East Asia2
This house supports sovereign debt default as a legitimate economic strategy for countries1
This house supports the use of sporting competitions as a political tool2
This house welcomes the rise of China as the world's new superpower2
This house would ban the publication of political opinion polls1
This house would cease the exploitation of resources in the Arctic region1
This house would forcibly test its citizens for HIV2
This house would give preference to immigration applicants whose values are consistent with those of the host nation1
This house would introduce quotas for women in national elections2
This House would legalise the sale of human organs6
This house would make demonstrable commitment to combating climate change a precondition for the receipt of development aid.1
This house would not negotiate with terrorists4
This house would offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power2
This house would permit legislating by citizen initited referenda1
This house would show the full horrors of war4
THW adopt little Africans2
THW allow private companies to discriminate1
THW allow the state to monitor all social media to prevent terrorism6
THW allow the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport3
THW assess students on individual academic development instead of standardised examination results2
THW bail out failing banks1
THW ban research of stem cells taken from embryos1
THW criminalize public denial of evolution1
THW introduce capital punishment1
THW introduce Housing first policy to vanish homelessness4
THW introduce quotas for female CEOs2
THW legalize all drugs5
THW not allow adoptive parents to specify ethnic or gender preferences1
THW not shut down Wikileaks1
THW place limits on financing of political campaings from private sources1
THW prohibit the sale of goods produced under conditions which harm the workers or put them at avoidable risk4
THW rather give scarce medical resources to people with healthy lifestyle1
THW reform UN security council2
THW require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet.1
THW send youths convicted of multiple criminal offences to re-education camps run by the military2
We should ban advertisements for alcoholic beverages2