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Mezilidské vztahy / Interpersonal relationships

Both parents should stand a comparable amount of time on parental leave0
Czech Republic should adopt measures to close the income gap between men and women (P)6
Debaters have better lives1
Employers should be allowed to monitor computer activity of their employees2
Facebook is harmful3
Homosexual couples should have a right to adopt children4
Individuals should be required to reveal their identity when communicating on the internetzo6
Late arrivals should be tollerated2
Life on village is better than life in a city2
Love does not exist1
Love is just a word0
Men have easier life than women3
Pop music harms the youth1
Random drug testing should be allowed in schools3
Single women should have the possibility to undergo in vitro fertilisation3
Social networks bring more harm than good1
Surrogate motherhood should be legalized3
That debaters make better spouses3
That lying can be justifiable1
That polygamy should be legalised2
That woman needs man like a fish needs a bicycle1
That women have better life than men1
THBT feminist movements should seek ban on pornography2
THBT giving presents is bad way to celebrate Christmas1
THBT polygamy should be legalised1
The community service should be compulsory for high school students in their free time11
The EU should introduce quotas for women in national parliaments (P)8
This house believes that governments should provide benefits based on matiral status1
This house believes that peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful1
THW adopt little Africans2
THW require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet.1
Traditional gender roles of men and women in families are outdated1
We should ban Facebook0
We should make an effort to change the atmosphere of Christmas2
We should put more money to flowers1
Women should marry in black1