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Rodiče a děti / Parents and children

Abortion should be banned10
Advertisement targeting children should be banned.2
Attending kindergarden should be compulsory for children in the year before entering elemetary school1
Childless people should pay higher contribution to the pension system2
It is better to protest and harm the future of one's children rather than silently agree with an authoritative regime or dictatorship10
Kindergarten should be compulsory for all children before enrolling primary school5
Parents should have an acces to their childrens social media accounts4
Parents should have the right to homeschool their children attending primary schools.5
Parents should have the right to monitor all their children's activity on social network5
Parents should pay lower social insurance based on the number of children3
Pop singers are bad role models for the youth2
Surrogate motherhood should be legalized3
THBT important decisions about children's health should be made by medical professionals and not by their parents.2
THBT noone should be forced to bear witness against their close relatives at court of law1
THW not allow adoptive parents to specify ethnic or gender preferences1
We should not expose children to Disney princesses1