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Náboženství / Religion

Democratically elected Islamists are better than secular dictators1
Churches activities should be financed exclusively by worshippers2
Journalists and artists should opt not to publish content which is offensive to religious believes.2
Mandatory religious education should be introduced in Czech schools8
Organized religion of the current times is harmful20
Peaceful coexistence of islamic world and western civilization is possible44
Pope should be burried in Polland1
Revolutions in Arabic countries will bring more harm than good2
Schools should allow their students to wear religious symbols0
TH welcomes the demise of religion1
TH would ban circumcision on boys1
TH would ban religious symbols at schools.1
That religion has done more harm than good10
THBT giving presents is bad way to celebrate Christmas1
THBT newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections2
THBT parents should have a right to forbid their children from attending evolution classes.1
THBT US military intervention in the Middle East is a greater threat than Islamic fundamentalism2
The ban on wearing burqas in Europe brings more harm than good.8
The media should decide not to ridicule any religion8
The parents should have the right to refuse some ways of medical treatment of their children for religious reasons1
This house believes that women can only achieve equality in a secular society2
We should make an effort to change the atmosphere of Advent3
We should make an effort to change the atmosphere of Christmas2
We should thank God for America13